all Horn Description Traits

Sex Mean SD SE SS Trait Value Location MC
Overall Extremely long horns, lyre or crescent-shaped sometimes forming a complete circle. Unspecified-1402883386, Ethiopia
Overall Moderately thick horns, with blant ends. Unspecified-1402883381, Uruguay
Unspecified Twisted Ethiopian Highland, Abyssinian, Legagora, Ethiopia
Overall Massive. Vertically high and bulbous shaped. Unspecified-1402883370, Chad
Overall If preseant usually have only one twist, but feamles are usually pooled but if present they are normally straight and flat. Rhodesian (obsolete synonym), Zimbabwe On Station
Overall Usually present in both sexes: short (10 cm) and fine and sweeping directly backwards, often curved upwards at the tip. In some flocks only about 65 percent of animals are horned, possibly indicating some out-crossing to exotic breeds. Small East African,
Overall Both sexes are usually hornless. Unspecified-1402883412, United States
Female Thirty to forty percent of them are horned. Unspecified-1402883450, Turkey
Ewe Large, wide and spiral horns Foulbe, Waila,, Cameroon
Overall Horns are small to medium in size. They project outward and upward from the head and have an out-curved turn at the tips to give the characteristics lyre shape. Boenca, Boyenca, Fouta Jallon, Fouta Longhorn, Outa Malinke, Futa, Malinke, Mandingo, N'dama Peti, Nigeria On Station