all Horn Description Traits

Sex Mean SD SE SS Trait Value 위치 MC
Overall Variable in size and slender in shape Unspecified-1402883392, Sudan
Overall Small horns are the ideal but heavy horns are permissible. Unspecified-1402883395, Zimbabwe
Overall Generally short, fine and round in cross section. They project upwards slightly outwards and have a slight curve at the upper two-thirds. Unspecified-1402883497, Kenya On Farm
Overall Absent in both sexes or have rudimentary horns. Unspecified-1402883397, Ethiopia On Station
Male Usually have long horns. Unspecified-1402883451, Turkmenistan
Overall White in colour with black tips. Unspecified-1402883418, Mali
Overall Horns are mainly straight (53%) or slightly curving (47%), predominantly oriented backwards (90%). Unspecified-1402883398, Eritrea
Overall Is short and thick but in most cases they are polled. Unspecified-1402883376, Ethiopia On Station
Overall Stumpy, small and pointing up and out, and many animals are polled. Wogera, Ethiopia
Overall Both sexes are usually hornless, though 10 – 15% of rams do have horns. Kizil (reddish), Karaman and Kara Koyun ( black sheep), Turkey