all Horn Description Traits

Sex Mean SD SE SS Trait Value Localização MC
Overall Horizontal position. Unspecified-1402883453, Niger
Male Long horns curved to the back and then to the front forming a complete circles, sometimes with more than one loop Jabali, United Kingdom
Overall A flat or concave profile and the horns are of medium length, thicker in the male than in the female and round in cross-section, curving upwards and forwards. Crescent- and lyre-shaped horns are known, as is the polled condition. Polled animals are known Unspecified-1402883383, Madagascar
Overall Horns in males are mainly pointed backwards and there was no record of polled goats. Shukria, Sciucria, Langae, Hassen, Beladi, Bledi., Eritrea
Overall Almost universal in males, slightly flattened in cross-section and deeply ribbed, spiral in classic "ram's born" shape and long; about 32 percent of females carry horns, usually light and rudimentary. Futake, Banamba, Fulani, Mali
Overall Medium to large. Unspecified-1402883390, Ethiopia On Station
Male They appear flattened in cross-section and are directed back wards with little lateral tendency. Bantu, Matabeleland., Zimbabwe On Farm
Unspecified It is circular in section, not oval usually of a uniform curve, erect, elegant and stylish, sweeping up wards and tapering continuously to a very sharp point. The curve is generally symmetrical and g Unspecified-1402883388, Zimbabwe
Overall Rams mostly have long twisted horns. Ethiopian Highland, Abyssinian, Legagora, Ethiopia On Station
Unspecified When present rather light and of medium length: simple or partially twisted backwards or divergent sweep in males; usually backward sweeping in females but some diverge. Sudanese Nubian, Shukria, Sciucria, Sudan