all Horn Description Traits

Sex Mean SD SE SS Trait Value Location MC
Female Are polled and although some females have short horns. Naami, Shefali, Turkmenistan
Unspecified In 95 percent of both sexes: large and flattened in cross-section in males, homonymously twisted, projecting outwards or backwards; females finer and curving upwards and backwards. Sudan Desert., Sudan
Overall Males have curved (47%) and straight (41%) horns mainly pointing backwards (58%) with some pointed straight upwards (28%). Polled goats were 6% in both sexes. Arsis, Gishe, Sidama, Manta, Awarch, Ethiopia On Farm
Overall Big at base, short, round and pointed: cylindrical in males, oval in females. Loose horns exist. Polled animals are common. Unspecified-1402883374, Togo
Ewe Polled. Unspecified-1402883423, Tunisia
Male Males have either no horns or have two laterally projecting horns but females are hornless. Unspecified-1402883399, Eritrea
Overall 0.00 0.00 0.00 0 Horns are strong, of moderate length and placed moderately apart with a gradual backward curve. Horns are round and solid and darkly coloured. Unspecified-1402883399, South Africa
Overall Short, lighter at base. Darker at extremities surface is coarse. Unspecified-1402883373, Benin
Overall Variable, but mostly curved upwards and then rarely forward. Only few mature males had horn stumps. Unspecified-1402883390, Ethiopia On Station
Unspecified Sixty-nine percent of males have horns of medium length, projecting backwards and then outwards; 76 percent of females have lighter and narrower horns. Bechuanaland (but obsolete)., Niger