all Horn Description Traits

Sex Meansort descending SD SE SS Trait Value Location MC
Overall Both sexes are furnished with homonymously twisted horns, commonly projecting horizontally outwards. Sudan Desert., Sudan
Ewe Are polled, some have small rudimentary horns. Unspecified-1402883449, Turkey
Overall More rarely lyre-shaped horns of medium size and circular cross-section. Cattle without horns or with loose horns also occur. Unspecified-1402883383, Madagascar
Overall Horns usually present in males, slightly ribbed and spiralling backwards and outwards, then forwards. Unspecified-1402883412, Niger
Overall Males have curved (47%) and straight (41%) horns mainly pointing backwards (58%) with some pointed straight upwards (28%). Polled goats were 6% in both sexes. Arsis, Gishe, Sidama, Manta, Awarch, Ethiopia On Farm
Male Have long spiral horns Naami, Shefali, Turkmenistan
Male Males have either no horns or have two laterally projecting horns but females are hornless. Unspecified-1402883399, Eritrea
Unspecified Are short Unspecified-1402883376, Sudan
Overall Present in both sexes: strong in males, flattened in cross section, markedly ribbed, directed straight upwards and backwards diverging more or less then turning in wards at the tips, homonymously twisted with slow spiral, sometimes horizontal; female horn Sahel, West African Long-legged, Desert, Sudan, Fulani, Peul, Peulh, Gorane (Chad)., Chad
Overall The horns are short, moderately thick at the base but quickly becoming thin as the horns project outwards and upwards. Unspecified-1402883385, Nigeria