all Horn Description Traits

Sex Mean SD SE SS Trait Value Location MCsort descending
Ewe Large, wide and spiral horns Foulbe, Waila,, Cameroon
Male Long horns Baladi, United Kingdom
Overall Short, lighter at base. Darker at extremities surface is coarse. Unspecified-1402883373, Benin
Overall Straight horns, occur on 71% of the males, curved on 26%, with polled goats forming 3% of the population. Horns mainly point backwards (75%) or upwards (21%) and in a few cases laterally (2%). Woyto, Guji, Konso., Ethiopia
Unspecified Sixty-nine percent of males have horns of medium length, projecting backwards and then outwards; 76 percent of females have lighter and narrower horns. Bechuanaland (but obsolete)., Niger
Overall The horns, which are not thick, are small to medium in length, projecting outward, upwards and slightly forwards. Peuhl, Foulbé , Cameroon
Overall Majority are horned. Unspecified-1402883388, Zimbabwe
Overall Generally, the males have horns while the ewes are polled. Some ewes do have horns, however Unspecified-1402883449, Turkey
Overall Light, porous, thin horn case. Abnormal form is Buoy-shaped. Unspecified-1402883370, Chad
Ewe Generally horned Unspecified-1402883451, Turkey